Deciduous Oak Trees

Deciduous Oak Trees

Most oak trees are deciduous trees which symbolize some spirits in many cultures. Many gardeners like to grow oak trees in their garden for enhance the landscaping beauty. The large cover of its huge tree crown is one of the most features appearances in the garden. Most oak trees can grow up to 20-25 meters and spread over an area of hundreds of square meters.

Apart from the huge area an oak tree can spread, its leaves also have a special shape with a main stem in the middle. In autumn, the foliage will turn into an exceptional yellow color which will give a brand new look to the tree. The fruits of an oak tree are acorns which is another feature of the tree. It is a type of nut which is normally less than one inch in size. They are normally attached on the branches or gather in a bunch. During the first twenty years, an oak tree won’t produce any nuts.

There are a variety of oak species all around of the world. However, most of them can be categorized into three groups, namely, white oak, black oak and red oak according to the color of their barks. The white oak trees have light bark color and straight branches compared with their relatives. Similarly, black oak trees have dark bark colors and twisted branches. Red oak trees get its name from the color of its red foliage in autumn.

Apart from the landscaping usage for a garden, oak trees are also famous for its hardest wood for carpenters. The wood is a good choice for all kinds of wood furniture or building material. These woods are also a main material for creating ships and canoes. Moreover, their acorns are a good source of flour industry. Many parts of the tree such as leaves and barks are good herb medicine which is able to cure wounds for hundreds of years. Lastly, oak trees can provide a good habitat for various birds and animals like squirrels.

Image Provided By AnemoneProjectors (Flickr: Very old Oak tree) [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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