Deciduous Flowering Shrubs

Deciduous Flowering Shrubs

Although evergreen shrubs can provide you the green color for the whole year, many professional gardeners still prefer some deciduous shrubs which can produce attractive flowers because most of them will change their appearance and colors from spring to autumn. Moreover, the flowers of some deciduous shrubs have fragrance, and there will be deciduous fruits in the harvesting season as well. You have a lot of options to choose to plant some of them in your backyard.

The Viburnums is a popular deciduous shrub families and there are a variety of members which can produce fragrant beautiful flowers. Some of them have wonderful berry fruits and colorful foliage in autumn as well. For instance, Viburnum farrier produce pink flowers in autumn. They can grow more then 10 feet in height with a similar spread. Another member of this family, Fragrant snowball produce snow-white fragrant blossoms which can last for a long time.

Another common deciduous shrub family which you can think about is the Deciduous Azaleas family. Some famous members of this family include Royal azalea, the Knapp Hill-Exbury and Cannon’s Double. Royal azalea have attractive fragrant light-colored flowers , and it usually planted in warm areas. The Knapp Hill-Exbury can grow about 5 feet in height and they can produce large colorful flowers. They are all good choices for your garden to suitable for specific requirements including colors, fragrance or size.

Image provided By aussiegall from sydney, Australia (Pink Azaleas Uploaded by russavia) [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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