Cypress Cones

Cypress Cones

Cypress trees are large wetland trees which can grow in water and propagate via cone seeds. Most of them can reach more than 100 feet in height and live for more than one hundred years. The mature trees will have large canopy which can spread more than 50 feet in width. Their root can breath normally in water by the help of the special raised knees.

The cones produced by cypress trees contain the seed which are essential for propagation. The harvesting season of these cones is in autumn and you can pick them up before they ripen. When growing trees from seeds, you should cultivate the seeds in moist environment to germinate. You’d better put the seeds in the fridge for a few days for better results.

In containers, the soil should be kept moist for the germination of the seeds. The pots should be put in a location in full sunlight. Once germinated, they will grow rapidly during the first one or two years. Before transplanting them into the soil in your garden, you should get rid of all weeds thoroughly because cypress trees are not capable of compete with weeds for nutrients. Planting in containers is a good idea for their health in the first couple of years due to the nutrition and moist environment. The ideal time to move the potted cypress to outside environment is in winter when they are in their dormant period.

Image provided By Axel Kristinsson from Reykjavík, Iceland (Cypress with Cones Uploaded by russavia) [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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