Curry Leaf Health Benefits

Curry Leaf Health Benefits

Curry leaves are popular food resources especially in Southern Asian countries like India and Sri Lanka. They are commonly used in fresh or in a powder style as an added flavor to the dishes. Apart from the usage in kitchen, curry leaves also have a number of health benefits including as a type of herbal medicine to treat some ailments and complications. They can also help maintain the normal functionalities of the digestive system like stomach and small intestine.

Curry leaves are mainly coming from the curry trees, a tropical tree native to India and other South Asian countries. The curry plant is a member of the Rutaceae family and grows no higher than 5 meters in height. The curry leave has a special fragrance and they usually grow in clusters. Unknown by many people, one of the health benefits of those leaves is their skin care functionalities. Curry leaves can bring benefits to your skin if they are grinded finely and added into the milk. Some skin ailments can infections can be cured quickly. It is also beneficial in removing the acne which is a common skin disorder of many people.

One of the important health tips for human beings consuming curry leaves is that they can bring great benefits for their stomach. Many stomach disorders such as diarrhea or vomiting can be cured or relieved by consuming a certain amount of curry leaves per day. The best way to consume curry is blending the freshly picked curry leaves with honey as a common food each day. You stomach will feel comfortable and the appetite will be enhanced as well. Curry leaves can also be mixed with other herbal leaves to create a type of herbal tea for daily drinking. If you put the grinded curry leaves into the milk and use it as one of your daily diet, it can relieve the fatigue of your body and improve your digestion greatly. Also, it is discovered that other parts of the curry plant like roots and barks can be used as a part of the herbal remedy for treating diabetics and kidney disease. They can also be used to reduce the weight and keep you fit at all times.

Image provided By M. Chang (M. Chang) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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