Conifer Hedging

Conifer Hedging

Confiner trees are well known for their evergreen foliage and resistance to cold climates. Actually, they are good options for hedging purposes. When the conifer shrubs are growing together, they can form a wall and fence to separate your garden from the external world. Most of them need very low maintenance and can tolerate a certain poor conditions.

Before planting any conifer plants in your garden, you should do some preparation work by removing weeds and loose the soil. The location for planting shrubs should have adequate sunlight during the day and have well-drained soil conditions. Then it is time to clean up the root balls by removing the tangled circular roots. You should be careful in this step to avoid damaging the main root. The hole for holding the root balls should be at least twice the size of the root ball for their root expansion. You should continue the work until all root balls have been successfully planted.

After that, it is time to water all new shrubs thoroughly for a couple of weeks. You should avoid over-watering the plants because soggy soil will make the root rot quickly. Then you can some mulching materials on the soil to suppress the growth of weeds and preserve the moisture.

Image provided By Public Domain Images [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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