Cold Tolerant Plants

Cold Tolerant Plants

If your garden is often influenced by the frost, you should choose cold tolerant plants to resist the potential frost damage. Frost usually occurs in a low temperature below the freezing point and the air circulation is poor. The frozen part inside leaves will damage the cell body and kill the plants quickly. Although there are some severe frost damages from now and then, there are some plant species which can effectively resist the frost hazard and avoid being damaged.

If you are looking for some frost-resistant plants, you can put your focus on those which have been growing in cold weather for thousands of years like junipers. The foliage of the juniper trees are specially designed to resist coldness with an angled leathered surface. The special structure of the leaves make it hard for the frost form on the surface, and thus protecting the plants. Apart from junipers, you have some other options with leathery and tough foliage like laurustinus Viburnum tinus. It can tolerate a number of coarse environments like drought and frost. Some other options such as rhododendrons, camellias, azaleas and pieris can also be your choice.

Apart from those evergreen tree species, you can also choose some deciduous plants for your garden. There are no leaves on the deciduous trees when the frost comes because they already enter their dormancy. So, they will not be affected by any frost hazards no matter they are mild or severe. Another group of trees like oaks, elms, maples will also be dormant during the winter and will not be influenced by frost hazards.

To minimize the frost damage, you should regularly get the latest weather forecast to get the latest information about the potential hazards. You can protect your plant by putting some plastic cover on the plants before the frost comes. When the frost is gone, you can spray some water to your plant before the sunrise. This can delay the melting process and decrease the damage.

Image provided by Dustin M. Ramsey [Attribution], via Wikimedia Commons

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