Coastal Shrubs

Coastal Shrubs

Planting costal shrubs is totally different from the ones growing in normal gardens. One of the most obvious issues is the high level of salt contained in the soil beside the seaside. Also, the strong ocean winds and water evaporated from the sea can also have negative effects on the plants as well. Moreover, the ever-wet fine sandy soil makes it hard to grow normal plants as well. Generally, the usual solution for that circumstance is to plant some shrubs tolerating salty soil and winds, and add some organic materials into the soil to modify its structure etc. You have a number of options for your costal gardens if the salty conditions are improved.

The Acacia Sophorae is a common flowering shrub species which are suitable for coastal areas. It can establish their roots well in sandy areas and produce attractive slender green foliage on its branches. It also grows in some areas far from seaside and they can grow more than 5 meters in height. It usually blooms in later summer and the beautiful yellowish blossom will add extra landscaping values for your autumn garden.

The Boronia Anemonifolia is another variety of salt tolerant shrubs which are featured by their long-stalked green foliage and its beautiful group of fragrant flowers underneath. Different varieties have different type of leaves in appearance, thickness and shapes. Multiple leaflets will be contained in one leaf. During the flowing season, this plant can provide extreme beauty for your summer garden by the full blossom of their tiny flowers.

Image provided By Tatiana Gerus from Brisbane, Australia [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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