Christmas Tree Fertilizer

Christmas Tree Fertilizer

For commercial Christmas trees, the ability to meet consumers’ requirement is the top priority. To cultivate healthy Christmas trees, fertilizer is one of the most important factors you need to consider. You should pay some attention on the growth of your trees or make regular soil test to decide you need to apply some fertilizers for them. Generally, slow growth and unhealthy color is an indicator for you to apply suitable fertilizers based on soil test.

Nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium are three most essential fertilizing elements for Christmas trees. You need to do a soil test beforehand to decide which elements are deficient from your soil. Most Christmas trees prefer acidic soil environments. You can apply some ammonium-based nitrogen fertilizer to lower the PH value to meet the requirements. The application of nitrogen should be split into two stages. The first stage should be applied before the start of the growth in spring. You should put the fertilizer mainly in the root area rather than spreading them around evenly under the tree.

For potassium fertilizers, you also need to split them into multiple stages if their dosage is high. Like the nitrogen application, the first half should be applied in early spring while the other half should be used after summer. You should make regular tests on the level of potassium to decide if you need to modify the amount based on the latest measurements. Phosphorus is very important for producing buds. Phosphorus level should also be monitored from time to time, and some phosphorus fertilizers should be applied if the level is below medium.

Apart from the three main elements, you should frequently measure the level of some minor elements such as calcium, magnesium. Magnesium is an important factor for maintain healthy colors of the leaves and calcium will make the leaves stronger.

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