Chinese Fringe Shrub

Chinese Fringe Shrub

Native to East Asia, Chinese fringe shrub is a popular landscaping plant which will bloom colorful flowers in autumn. As an evergreen shrub species, its flower will begin to bloom in spring and the beautiful flowers can last for the whole summer. The shape and size of flower of diverse varieties vary from light red to white. On the other hand, the most Chinese fringe foliage just has a few colors such as dark brown and burgundy.

The adult shrub can grow up to 10 feet in height and spread for 13 feet. There are also some tiny versions of this plant which are not higher than 4 feet. The best way to propagate is to using stem cuttings. The new cuttings can be easily transplanted into another place and start to grow. They can be pruned and trimmed into your desired shapes to suit for your landscape needs. You can buy some popular species from the nursery like ‘Snow Muffin’ and ‘Burgundy’. Most of them are growing in an upright form and having beautiful green leaves.

Like most shrub plants, it prefers to live a place with full sunlight although a partial shade area is also ok. Adequate sunlight will bring it healthy foliages and beautiful flowers. They like damp soil with a well-drained structure to drain water quickly. Also, fertilizers should be applied periodically on Chinese fringe plants to bring more nutrition for them. Frequently watering is required if there is not enough raining water recently. In cold days, you may need to protect them from strong winds and cold climates.

Imaged Provided By Duncan Harris (Flickr: Fuchsia magellanica) [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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