Cherry Tree Propagation

Cherry Tree Propagation

As a type of deciduous fruit trees which can produce delicious fruits, cherry trees are often the star of a garden. How to propagate a cherry tree will always be a question from many gardeners. Compared with planting a cherry tree from seeds, propagation from cuttings is a viable way to transplant a cherry tree quickly and safely. Generally, the best time for transplant cuttings is in winter or early spring when the trees are still in their dormant period because their growth will cease during the dormant season.

Before any cutting actions, you should clean your shearing tool using some cleaning solution like alcohol and let them dry in air. Then you can cut a twig about 5 inches long above the location where leaves grow out of the branches. There should be some leaves in the cutting, ideally four leaflets. Then it is time to cut an angle at the bottom of the cutting. You should get rid of all leaves close to the bottom on the cutting.

Then you should put your cutting into a container full of potting mix which will encourage root growth. Some good examples of such soil include peat moss and perlite. You should apply some water to the pots to make the soil moist. Before insert the cutting into the container, you can also dip the cutting in some rooting hormone to facilitate the growth of roots. Then it is time to insert the cutting into the soil by half of the total length. You need to apply adequate water during the first several weeks to encourage the growth of roots. A plastic bag with holes on it can help keep the moisture inside. The pot should be put in a place with indirect sunlight and mile temperature. Pay attention to the moisture of the soil to avoid the soil being dried out.

Image provided By Titus Tscharntke [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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