Cherry Tree Pollination

Cherry Tree Pollination

Cherry tree pollination is necessary for some cherry tree varieties which cannot accomplish pollination by themselves. They must be planted together to facilitate the cross pollination. The most common agent for pollination is wind. However, you cannot rely only on wind to fulfill the whole pollination process because you cannot ensure that everyday is a windy day.

Some cherry tree varieties can do the pollination by themselves. You do not need to plant a group of them close to each other for pollination purposes. Generally, most sweet cherry trees still rely on cross pollination to produce fruits and sour cherry trees can do the self-pollination job by themselves.

When planting cherry trees in a orchard, you need to keep an eye on the distance between each tree. The distance between each tree should be at least 20 feet. Close tree interval can facilitate the pollination no matter by wind or by insects like honeybees. In warm spring days, honeybees will come out of their hives and help the trees to finish the cross pollination. During pollination period, you should avoid using any chemical pesticides for trees otherwise the honeybees will be scared away. During pollination days, it is a good idea to leave all dandelions in your orchard. They can be a good source to attract honeybees.

Image Provided By Nicu Buculei from Bucharest, Romania [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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