Cherry Tree Pests

Cherry Tree Pests

There are a few cherry tree pests which can be greatly harmful for the tree body. You should keep an eye for the potential pest hazards for your cherry trees to prevent them to weaken the health of your trees.

Fruit fly is one of the common pests which will be dangerous for fruit trees including cherry trees. These small insects can even cause an orchard to close for a long time. Since the mature flies will lay eggs on fruits and the maggots will rely on these fruits as the food to grow, it is not easy to exterminate them completely. Some insecticide can be functional for some time. But some of these insects will have the ability to resist most of these chemicals gradually. The files will hide in soil before the growth date of the fruits. The most effective way to deal with this issue is to destroy all the infected fruits. Some chemical sprays can be helpful as well.

White prunicola scale is another common pests which will hide in the bark of a cherry tree to survive the winter days. They will lay eggs in the tree bark and the baby bug will be very harmful to the bark. The bugs will feed on the sap of the trees and will greatly weaken the health of the tree. It will cause the cherry trees to die if they are left unattended. Some pesticide can be purchased to treat these insects.

Borer is a kind of insect which will rely on the cherry tree trunk to survive. They will hide inside the tree trunk and propagate. You should choose some chemical sprays to exterminate them to protect your trees.

Image Provided By Scott Bauer, USDA ARS [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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