Cherry Tree Fungus

Cherry Tree Fungus

Cherry tree fungus is a common disease which will affect the health of the tree body. There are a variety of fungi which can infect cherry trees and here are some examples of them.

Monilinia fungus is usually considered as the cause of brown rot disease. It is a very severe disease which will affect nearly all parts of the tree including flowers, branches and fruits. If you see some brown spots on branches or trunks, it might be infected by the brown rot, and it will soon spread into the foliage as well. The infected leaves will die quickly, which will weaken the health of the tree to a great extent. You should remove those infected branches and twigs as soon as possible to stop the fungi from spreading. Some disgusting spores will be produced if the tree is infected heavily. You should do some pruning work from time to time to facilitate the air circulation. Also, too much water on leaves will create a perfect habitat for the generation of the fungi.

Another common cherry fungus is the white fungus which is usually coming from the powdery mildew. It is usually infected through the air and the warm and damp climate will increase the possibility of infection. Powdery mildew will affect the growth of the tree especially the buds and leaves. It will cause the leaves to fall if unattended. You should remove those infected leaves quickly to prevent the spread of the disease. Some chemical fungicide is also helpful to eliminate the fungi if they can be applied regularly.

Image Provided By Scott Bauer, USDA ARS [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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