Cherry Tree Canker

Cherry Tree Canker

Cherry tree canker is a tree disease which will affect a variety of trees including fruit trees and nut trees. They appear as dead spots from the branches of the fruit tree. It is mainly caused by bacteria or fungi reasons. Trees can also infect canker through some type of weed killer chemicals as well.

This tree disease is not easy to control. Once discovered, you should quickly isolate the infected area to avoid the spread of the infection. Then you need to prune out the infected branches as soon as possible. Remember to do a clean cut for those branches and leave at least 10 inches below from the crank area. For the tree trunk, you should remove the infected bark where there is crank on it. You should also leave at least 5 inches around the edge of the crank to ensure the cleanness.

Regarding the disposal of the infected bark or branches, burning is the best option. You should also remember to clean the cutting tool to decrease the chance of re-infection. Some chemicals like alcohol can be used to wipe the blade to prevent the bacterial from spreading.

For prevention of the canker disease, you can choose some chemical sprays from the store especially for this disease such as copper sulfate fungicide. Autumn is the best time to apply these chemicals can they can provide a good protection for the new leaves for the next year.

Image Provided By Cherubino (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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