Buxus Hedging

Buxus Hedging

Buxus sempervirens is a popular hedging plants for provide dense tidy borders for your backyard. They usually need very low maintenance during growth and their fragrant dense green foliage can be trimmed into any desired shapes. The buxus shrubs are slow-growing plants and it takes them several years to grow into the final height. If you need some dwarf versions of the boxwood plants, there are some options from the local nurseries such dwarf box bushes etc.

Originated from the wild field in Europe, the buxus shrubs are shaggy shrub plants with dense green foliage for the whole year. Its slow growth makes it a good candidate for hedging purposes for gardens and yards. Some versions of buxus shrubs are pretty large and they can reach up to 6 meters in height. The box shrubs produce small yellow flowers in summer which will attract insects to your summer garden. They can tolerate a number drought and poor soil conditions like clay types.

If you are planning to plant some hedging plants for your garden, some small-sized buxus plants might be more appropriate. They can tolerate more poor conditions if your garden soil is not in good quality. In cost wise, small shrubs are much cheaper than the large ones. Larger shrubs are useful when you want to build up you hedges in a short time. Taller hedge plants can be used as privacy protection shrubs which can form a thick wall for your backyard. When planting hedging shrubs, you should leave at least 20cm apart from each other. For larger shrubs, 30cm is a proper space for two adjacent shrubs.

Image provided By PiPi (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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