Brazilian Nut Nutrition

Brazilian Nut Nutrition

Brazilian nuts are originated from the rain forests of South American Countries like Brazil and Peru, and these nuts are unique for the Amazon forests in earth. These nut trees can grow up to 50 meters in height and each tree can produces hundreds of fruit pods each year. The seed of these fruits are the Brazilian nuts. These nuts are a rich source of protein, fats and minerals which are beneficial for the health of human body.

Brazilian nuts contain a large percentage of healthy fats which is actually a combination of polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats. They can effectively lower the cholesterol level and bring great benefits for hearts and vessels. Among all fats contained in Brazilian nuts, only a small percentage of them are saturated fats which is the same as the meat and milk. Compared with other nuts, Brazilian nuts have the same nutrition facts but more saturated fats. So, you should pay attention to the daily intake of the Brazilian nuts to avoid consume too much saturated fats.

Among all minerals contained in Brazilian nuts, selenium is an important one. Selenium is essential for maintain healthy heart and vessels of human body due to the fact that it can help produce antioxidant enzymes to protect the damage of cells. The risk of some heart diseases can be lowered greatly by the help of adequate antioxidant. If you are on a diet, the calories contained in the Brazilian nuts might be one of the important things you care about. Actually, these nuts are low in calorie although there are abundant nutrients contained in the nuts. Generally, one ounce of nuts contains less than 200 calories.

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