Bradford Pear Tree

Bradford Pear Tree

As a common decorative tree for thousands of gardens and yards, the Bradford pear tree is well known for its white blossoms in spring and colourful foliage in autumn. Although its tiny fruits are not as delicious as other pear trees, they can feed and attract many wild animals and birds to your garden. It is a fast-growing ornamental tree and its foliage can be quickly accumulated in early spring when other trees are not. Most Bradford trees can grow more than 30 feet in height with a similar spread. It has a unique pyramid canopy which adds extra landscaping values to your backyard.

If you are planning to plant a Bradford tree in your garden, you need to dig a hole which is large enough to hold the root ball of the tree. You should ensure that the covering soil has a well-drained structure and do not make it too compact. Some sand can be added into the soil to enhance the drainage ability. The location should have adequate full sunlight during the day and enough room for the size of a grown-up tree. Before putting the root ball into the hole, you should do a thorough examination on the tree roots to ensure that there are no damaged or tangled roots. Some pruning work might be required to make the roots have equal length.

Although Bradford pear trees have a lot of benefits for gardening, they have their drawbacks. They are susceptible to some extensive weather like strong winds or extreme coldness. This is because its crowded structure which is very easy to be damaged during windy days. Also, the Bradford tree will emit some a strange odour which many people do not like.

Image provided By C. E. Price [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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