Boxwood Shrub Care

Boxwood Shrub Care

As a common shrub plant in thousands of gardens, boxwood shrubs are very hardy plants which can bring attractive colors to your backyard for a long time. Generally, boxwood need very little maintenance once grown up as long as their preferred living conditions are satisfied like well-drained soil and adequate sunlight. You may need to provide one or two times of fertilizer during a year and do some pruning work occasionally.

The best time to prune boxwood plants are in spring before branches are starting to grow. Some special pruning shears can be used to facilitate the work. Some dead or ill branches should be removed to save nutrients for the healthy branches. Also, those branches which affect the overall appearance should also need to be taken as well. Regarding the application of fertilizer, you should fertilize no more than twice within a year. The ideal season of fertilizing is in spring and autumn. You can use a balanced fertilizer recipe such as 10-10-10 to provide extra nutrients for your shrubs. You should distribute the fertilizer evenly in the soil instead of putting them in a limited area. The fertilizer should be covered with soil and you should provide adequate water after the fertilizing.

You should ensure that your boxwood plants can get adequate water in drought seasons or during its growing period. When the plants are fully grown up, the watering frequency can be decreased. Boxwood shrubs prefer full sunlight conditions or partial shade areas. The soil should be well-drained soil with good drainage abilities. When the weather is getting cold, you can apply some mulching materials such as barks or wood chips to preserve the moisture especially in dry seasons.

Image provided By Leo Michels (Own work, [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons

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