Boxwood Diseases

Boxwood Diseases

Boxwood is a popular shrub plants which are used in many locations as borders or other decoration purposes. However, they are sometimes easily get infected by a variety of diseases. As a gardener, you should pay attention to any abnormal appearance on your boxwood plants to find out any potential diseases as early as possible.

The root rot is a common fungi disease which will easily affect a number shrub plants including boxwood. It is usually caused by some fungi which can infect the roots of shrub plants. This disease will seriously weaken the functionality of the roots and turn the foliage colour. If left unattended, the roots will rot eventually and the plant will die. You should choose some fungicide to control the spread of this disease as early as possible.

The canker is another disease on shrub plants which is also caused by fungi. The boxwood shrubs infected by canker will reduce the growth of new branches and foliage. Also, the colour of the shrub foliage will turn into a dark colour from green. The leaves will become unhealthier and change its colour gradually. You should get rid of the infected branches and leaves as quickly as you can to control the quick spread.

Apart from fungi, some incest can also bring diseases to the boxwood plants such as Boxwood leafminer. This insect is a type of fly and its larvae will feed on boxwood leaves for a long time. This will seriously weaken the health of the plants and cause the leaves to die quickly. You should apply some insecticide as early as you can to prevent the diseases spreading further.

Image provided By Wasily at nl.wikipedia [Public domain], from Wikimedia Commons

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