Boxwood Cuttings

Boxwood Cuttings

Boxwood is popular landscaping shrub species which are easily to grow and can tolerate a number of coarse soil and weather conditions. They are evergreen plants and propagation via cuttings is one of the easiest ways to reproduce them. They are usually planted as hedge plants can be planted in a number of locations like for corners or borders. Through cuttings you can easily spread the plants in a short period compared with other propagation methods, and it is the most common way to multiply the amount of the plants quickly.

The first thing you need to do is to get a piece of cutting from a healthy shrub. The ideal shrub is a semi mature shrub which will be more suitable for the new growth than the fully grown ones. The ideal length of the cuttings for transplanting is about 5 to 8 inches, and the branches and foliage in the lower end should be removed. The cutting should be put into the rooting hormone immediately after pruned form the hosting shrub. The container should be placed in a cool and moist place for germination, and it normally take several months for the new roots to grow.

Once the roots are fully grown, you should transplant it into your backyard. Try to select a place with well-drained soil conditions and adequate sunlight during the day. Some organic compost can also be applied to preserve the moisture for a long time. The best time for transplanting is in spring or autumn. Boxwood is not a fast-growing shrub especially for the first year. It might take several years for a newly transplanted boxwood cutting to be mature entirely.

Image provided By Karduelis (Original image) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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