Bonsai Tree Wiring

Bonsai Tree Wiring

Bonsai tree wiring refer to a procedure for training trees into a desired shape. There are some important tips to wire a bonsai tree to prevent your trees from being harmed. Generally, the wiring process should be executed on young trees because they are easily to be extended into any shapes than the mature trees. Also, some selective pruning work can also help trees to maintain a good looking shape.

The first step for wiring a bonsai tree is to choose the correct wire types. You should choose a bunch of wires with different width for different branches with diverse sizes. The wire material is another important factor to consider. Generally, aluminum wires are better than other metal wires due to the fact that they are easy to manipulate especially for novice gardeners. The ideal season to start wiring is in spring before the growth starts. Midsummer is another good choice to apply wires on if you are not able to put wires in spring. You should avoid putting any wires in winter because their branches are fragile and easy to break during these days.

You should have a clear figure about the final shape your bonsai tree should have finally. Then it is time to determine which branches should be put wires on to guide them to desired directions. Then, you should start to apply wires on them from the bottom to the top of the tree. The wire should be tied from the main stem to the end of the branch. The wire should be wrapped on the branches firmly with an angle. Do not wrap the wire too tight to avoid any damages on the slender branches. Some sharp cutters can be used to cut the wires.

Image provided By Peggy Greb, USDA [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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