Bonsai Mango Tree

Bonsai Mango Tree

Bonsai mango trees are small version of real mango trees cultivated in containers. Actually, any fruit trees can be minimized into a pot for indoor use and the mango tree can be one of them. As real mango trees, the bonsai version can also produce some fruits which have the same size as the normal trees. However, the number of fruits produces will be less because the number of branches in bonsai trees is limited by its space.

Before planting trees into a container, you should fill the pot about half full with some special bonsai soil purchased from the market. Plant the mango seedlings into the soil and cover its roots with addition bonsai soil. Most bonsai trees prefer full sunlight to grow better, and you should put your container into a place having adequate sunlight during the day. Remember to apply adequate water for you plant during the first several weeks to help it establish its roots. In the first month, you should make sure that water is sipping from the drainage hole every time you water you plants. Then you can gradually decrease the times of watering. When the tree is fully grown, you should only water your plant when the soil is dry.

The mango fruits will be produced in the harvesting season. You can apply some fertilizers to your plant once the fruiting season has passed. You can choose some commercial soluble fertilizers from the market. Remember to apply adequate water to your trees during the days that the fertilizer is applied. Since mango trees cannot resist extreme cold, you should ensure that your container is inside the house during extreme winter days.

Image provided By Surya Prakash.S.A. (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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