Bonsai From Cutting

Bonsai From Cutting

If you do not want to plant a bonsai tree from the seeds, use cutting is a good idea to propagate it quickly and easily. Generally using cutting is one of the simplest ways to cultivate bonsai trees. So, it is recommended to use that method if you are new to gardening.

Before doing the cuttings from a bonsai tree, you should make sure that the shears used for cutting has been disinfected. Then, you can do a cutting from an existing branch for about 5 inches long. You should ensure that cutting is not too close to the end of the notch. You should get rid of the leaves at the end of the cutting as well. You can spray some fungicide on the surface of the cutting to lower the risk of being infected by fungi.

When the cutting is done, you should put it into the rooting hormone to establish their initial roots. Then it is time to pick up a suitable container for your new bonsai cutting. The soil can be sand or perlite which can keep moisture and has good drainage abilities. After putting the cutting into the pot, you should apply adequate water to it to help it establish its root system. Partial shade conditions are preferred for bonsai trees. You should keep the soil moist at all times.

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