Bone Meal For Trees

Bone Meal For Trees

Bone meal is a commonly type of organic fertilizer used for nearly all kinds of plants including trees. Generally, bone meal is made from steamed and grounded animal bones which are in a powder style. However, bone meal cannot be considered as a full-functional fertilizer because some nutrients have been removed from the processing progress. The most common nutrient contained in the bone meal is the phosphorus which is helpful for the seed and root formation. You should do a thorough soil test before applying any kind of bone meal fertilizers to your plants.

There are a variety of bone meal products available from the market. The phosphates content contained in these products are ranging from 10% to 15%. Also, some brands of bone meal fertilizer contain a small amount of Nitrogen as well. As a natural organic substance providing extra phosphorus to the plant, bone meal can be applied to any trees as long as the releasing speed can be controlled. One drawback of the bonemeal is that the nutrients are not totally soluble and it may take a long time for the trees to absorb the nutrients from the bonemeal.

If you want to apply some bone meal fertilizer in your garden, you should choose some places with high elevation. This will enable the fertilizer to be spread quickly into other locations by the help of rain water. If you don’t want to buy some commercial bone meal products, you can simply put some carcass of the fish and steak instead. This can save you some money and takes advantage of some organic rubbish from your kitchen.

Image provided By Ike9898 at en.wikipedia [Public domain], from Wikimedia Commons

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