Blueberry Compost

Blueberry Compost

If you have some blueberry trees in your garden, you should consider make some blueberry compost by yourself. Organic compost can provide adequate nutrients for the growth of the fruits of trees. The most important thing is that blueberry trees prefer acidic soil environment with a PH value 5. However, they do not need a great amount of nitrogen for its growth. To consider this issue, it is not easy to apply some commercial fertilizers directly for the tree. However, some homemade blueberry compost can do the job because you can keep testing your compost until it satisfies the needs of your trees.

The first step to do is to form a compost pile by putting all vegetable things like leaves and grasses together. They you can apply some manure or other organic matters on the pile to form the compost after a couple of days. The compost will turn the soil into acidic which will meet the needs of the growth of blueberry trees.

In the next couple of years, you can turn the pile occasionally to improve the aeration. You need to keep the pile moist at all times. This work should last for about one month or two month depending on the amount of leaves you added to the pile. Then your compost should be ready to be added into the soil. You should slowly put the compost into the soil and form a compost layer no more than 5 inches in thickness. On the surface of the soil, you can add the compost into less than 2 feet to keep the temperature and moisture. You should keep the compost moist to lower the PH value to meet the requirements of blueberry trees.

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