Blackboy Tree

Blackboy Tree

Botanically named as Xanthorrhoea johnsonii, the black tree is a member of the grass tree family which are native to Australia. The growth rate of the tree is very slow and it may take more than 100 years for a grass tree to grow for a height about one meter under normal growing conditions. Generally, grass trees have delicate roots which can be growing well in most climates and zones.

Blackboy trees are common landscaping trees which are visible in roadside, parks and gardens. They have a unique appearance which may have one or two black headers or trunks with its attractive green needle-like foliage on the top. They can resist dry environment well, making it a good candidate for some drought conditions. Before planting any trees for a location, you should choose a reputable tree nursery for your purchase. This is because of the slow-growing property of the tree. High quality specimens with suitable size will ensure the quality and instant requirement of the landscaping project.

When planting a blackboy grass tree in your backyard, you should do a thorough soil test beforehand to ensure that the soil is in slightly alkaline. They prefer well-drained soil conditions and can apply some fertilizers once or twice a year to provide adequate nutrients for their growth.

Image provided By Paul Asman and Jill Lenoble [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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