Black Maple Tree

Black Maple Tree

Known as rock maple, the black maple trees are close relative of the sugar maple trees. It has nearly the same appearance and habitat as the sugar maple trees. It can reach up to 80 feet in height and have a round canopy when fully grown up. It has black hard barks which is the feature it gets its name from. Moreover, black maple trees have beautiful yellow blossoms in summer which add extra landscaping value to your backyard.

Black maple trees have special maple leaves which are usually 7 inches in length. Generally, there are five lobed included in each leaflet and two of them are relatively small than the other three. These tree lobes have a pointed shape and the leaves have broad sinuses. If you are confused on the black maple and the sugar maple, their leaves are the best way to distinguish them from each other.

Since the black maple tree is very similar to the sugar maple tree, the quality of the wood of these two species are almost the same. Both of them have similar qualities such as finely grained structure and light coloured timber. So, sometimes the wood of both species are mixed together for production like furniture and building. Apart from that, it is also used to produce maple syrup. There is no big difference between the black maple syrup and the sugar maple syrup.

Image provided By Suzi Duke (originally posted to Flickr as Golden sugar maple) [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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