Bird Cherry Tree

Bird Cherry Tree

Distributed mainly in European and Asian countries, bird cherry tree is a small deciduous tree compared with others. It is capable of growing up to 15 meters and it usually has a more than one trunks when grown up. Its leaves are growing in the branches alternatively with a length of up to 10cm.

The fruits of a bird cherry are very distinct from other cherry trees. If you are thinking that the plant in front of you is an immature tree, it is very possible that the tree you are looking at is a bird cherry tree. Compared with other fruit trees, the trunk of a bird cherry is tiny and small. Although the fruits have the same shape as other cherry fruits, they are far smaller. This is the most distinct feature of the bird cherry fruits.

If you are confused if a tree is a bird cherry tree, here are some tips which can help you do the identification. The bird cherry fruits are usually small dark red cherries which is the mini version of the common cherries. If you put one berry into your mouth, you can feel some bitter and acidic tastes which are very different from the delicious normal cherries. So, its fruits are only suitable for birds, and this is might be where its name comes from.

Image Provided By Anne Burgess [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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