Best Time To Fertilize Trees

Best Time To Fertilize Trees

Although trees do not need too many times of fertilizing in a year especially for those trees having robust root systems, you should fertilize them in the best time to get the premium result. Choosing suitable fertilizer and the best fertilizing time can facilitate the growth of dense foliage and robust roots. On the other hand, fertilizing on the wrong time will result in withering leaves and reduced fruit production.

Generally, trees need balanced fertilizers with a standard 10-10-10 fertilizer to grow healthy. You can also purchase some special fertilizers from you local nurseries, and you should apply them based on the instruction on the package. You can also apply some organic fertilizers like bone meals to complement the nutrients for the trees. Before applying any fertilizers into the soil, you should ensure that your trees need them. The simplest way to judge the fertilizer requirement is to observe the height grown for a year. Every tree species has an average growing height for a single year based on different type of soil. If your tree can not grow that much within a year, you may think about applying some fertilizer for them.

For most trees, the best time to fertilize is in spring before the trees are staring to grow. You should avoid applying any fertilizers in autumn because the cold weather in winter will damage the new growth. You should distribute the fertilizers evenly under the tree instead of putting them in one place. Some soluble fertilizer can be mixed with water for better absorption from the trees.

Image provided By SeppVei (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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