Best Lawn Trees

Best Lawn Trees

If you decide to grow lawn under trees, you should choose the best trees which are perfectly compatible for the underlying lawn. There are some guidelines which can help you to decide which trees should be planted in your beautiful lawn in backyard.

You should choose some deciduous trees to plant on lawns. Deciduous trees will shed all of their leaves in winter, letting the sunlight pass through the branches to reach the underlying grasses. Deciduous trees also enable the sunlight penetrate the tree crown to reach the house, and thus make it warm. The second thing of tree option is that their roots should be located under the lawn. If some parts of the roots go up to the lawn. It will be very hard to do some maintaining work on lawn. Also, you should choose some trees which have great abilities to resist multiple harmful fungi and pests. They should not be easily get infected by common diseases as well.

Since most lawns need frequent irrigation, the trees on top of lawn should be compatible for this. They should be accustomed to moist soil and should not produce substance which will have negative effects on the grass underneath. The last thing you should pay attention to is that the shade provided by the tree should not be deep. This will be harmful for most gardening grasses since they need adequate sunlight for their growth. So, at least a partial shade should be provided for the underlying grass.

Image Provided by Andrew Hill [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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