Beautiful Trees With Flowers

Beautiful Trees With Flowers

If you are planning to plant some flowering trees to decorate your garden, there are some beautiful trees with attractive flowers which can be your options. Actually, you should have a lot of options according to the size and character of your garden. Choose the suitable tree species to have beautifully blossoms with fragrance in spring season.

If you want to harvest some delicious fruits in harvest season, the cherry tree is one of your options for fruits and landscaping purposes. As a relative to the plum and peach fruits, cherries are popular fruits which are preferred by thousands of people as daily fruits. There are a variety of cherry trees in the world and you can choose the correct one suitable for your needs. Sweet cherries have the best taste but they need to grow in warmer zones. The sour species can tolerate some unpleasant conditions. If you are not after the fruits, you can choose some decorative varieties which have attractive and pink blossoms with fragrance in spring.

The crape myrtle tree can provide bright colour to your garden, and they can be a good candidate for your colourful garden in spring. Different varieties have different colours ranging from white to red. It prefer warm climate and they can produce attractive flowers for the whole summer. In autumn, the foliage will show some special autumn colours with yellow and orange. It prefer full sunlight and well-drained condition to grow happily and healthy.

The fringe tree is another popular decorative flowering tree which can produce fragrant white flowers with the dome-shaped silhouette in the leaves. It is a slow-growing tree which is usually grown from seeds instead of cuttings. However, it deserves the long growing period because of the special scented white blossoms which provide a delicate specimen for your backyard.

Image provided by Atamari [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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