Bay Leave Health Benefits

Bay Leave Health Benefits

Bay leaves are important food resource in kitchen especially for soups and some special flavoured stew dishes. However, the health benefits of the bay leaves have been recognized by ancient people hundreds of years ago and it is used as herbal medicine since then. Although there is no scientific proof indicating that those traditional cures are the correct way to use bay leaves, we can still make certain that bay leaves are important herbs for our life.

Bay leaves have been used as a type of herbal tea for thousands of years. People used to consume dried bay leaves with warm water to cure some internal ailments. Bay leaves can help reduce secretions caused by various infections and decrease the amount of sweat caused by some illness. These traditional usages are not total proved by any medical research and they still need some time for the modern science to provide proof for their benefits.

Another benefit of bay leaves is the property of healing wound. This property has already been used by ancient herbalists for hundreds of years, and has been proved by modern science in the last two decades. The bay leaves have some antimicrobial features which are helpful to fight against some common pathogens which are the main reason to cause inflammation around wound.

Before using the bay leaves as herbal method to improve your health, you should pick up the correct type. There are varieties of bay leaves in the world, but only the Laurus nobilis has the curing effects. Some other types are not suitable for curing purposes. Some of those bay leaves are considered as toxic and can cause damage on the nervous system of a human body if consumed excessively.

Image provided by Lewis Collard [Attribution], via Wikimedia Commons

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