Banana Tree Roots

Banana Tree Roots

Although always considered as a tree, banana trees are actually not real trees. The only thing a banana tree is like a real tree is the root system. Banana tree roots have similar density, depth and spread as the real trees. They are one of the most important parts of the banana plant because it is responsible for transplanting the water and nutrients to other parts of the tree. The health of the root system will determine the final fruits production in harvest season.

Generally, the roots of banana trees are considered as heavy because they are responsible for supporting the plant body which is usually more than 20 feet in height. The roots will be stubborn enough to make the banana plants resist strong winds and other severe weathers. When planting banana plants, you should leave adequate spaces between two individual plants to avoid the competition of roots. A fully grown banana plant can have roots extending more than 15 feet horizontally underground. Also, planting banana plants too far apart will encourage the growth of weeds and thus decrease the nutrients and water for the banana plants.

Apart from the distance between individual plants, you also need to pay some attention to the pests which may infect the banana plant roots. It is considered that banana plants are easily be infected by more than twenty species of pests in the world. Some pest species like banana weevil will destroy the banana roots quickly and cause the plant to die in a short time. Some chemical pesticide like Carbofuran can be applied to banana plants to provide some protection. You should make a thorough research beforehand to identify the exact pests infecting your plants before applying any chemical pesticides on them.

Image provided By Abu Nayeem (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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