Banana Plant Care

Banana Plant Care

The main elements for banana planting care should be focused on the primary growing needs of the banana plants, namely, temperature, water, soil and nutrients. Banana trees like to grow in warm climate with full sunlight and adequate humidity. Some organic matters and fertilizers should be applied to provide extra nutrients for them. To harvest the delicious bananas in autumn, you should pay some attention to these requirements at all times.

The first thing you should remember is to pick up a location with full sunlight and some level of wind protection. Since most banana trees are cultivated for landscaping or food purposes, you should pick up the suitable species to satisfy your needs. In tropical areas with intensive sunlight, you should apply some covering protection for the plants to avoid the sunburn. If your garden is located in mild area, the cover is not necessary. Some protection for the strong wind is also necessary if there are a lot of windy days in a year. Strong winds may be severely damaged your banana plants since they have very shallow roots.

If your garden is located in a mild zone with a temperate winter, you should put some protection for your banana plants for the winter days. Most banana plants have a long growing period which will normally pass more than one year before bearing any fruits. This means they must have at least one dormant winter before producing any bananas. Some mulch should be applied to them to preserve the warmth and water in winter. It is better to add some mulching material with adequate potassium to provide them extra nutrients during their dormancy. Generally, a 10-inch layer of mulch is enough to protect your plants.

During their growing season, you should apply adequate water and fertilizers to satisfy their needs. Their large leaves indicate that they need plenty of water especially in hot seasons. You should keep the soil moist at all time to avoid any water deficiency. Fertilizers are important during their production period. Apart from chemical fertilizers purchased from the market, you can make some organic fertilizers and apply them on your banana plants. Some options like bone meal and manures can be added based on your needs. You should stop fertilizing your plants when the weather is getting cold.

Image provided By Rosendahl [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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