Bamboo Winter Care

Bamboo Winter Care

Bamboo winter care can be a challenge for beginners. This is because most bamboo plants requires at least five hours of sunlight during the day. They also like to grow in a place with adequate water, nutrients and without weeds. However, these conditions are not easy to be satisfied during winter days because of the coldness and dry winds.

Generally, you bamboo plants should be ok to survive the winter by themselves, but you still to do some things to help them to survive the first winter. Bamboo plants should be planted as early as possible in outside for a good establishment of their root systems. This can help them to resist the coldness of the winter by the help of their robust roots. If their roots cannot be well established to make them survive for the first winter, you should use some protection for the plants from the coldness and strong winter winds. Some thick layer of mulches can be applied to prevent the soil from freezing and loss of moisture.

Another thing you should keep in mind is that the strong winter winds will easily dehydrate the water. You should do some job to protect the bamboo from damaging via dehydration. Bamboo plants beside a wall which can block most winter winds can grow better than other plants. In winter days, you should provide adequate water for your bamboo plants. Some anti-dessicants can be used for spraying the leaves to keep water on the foliage. This method can be useful for some gardeners, and you can get them easily from the store.

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