Bamboo Growing Conditions

Bamboo Growing Conditions

If you want to plant some bamboo plants in your garden, you should consider offer a good growing condition for them. There are many factors for their conditions and here is some knowledge about it.

Soil is one of the most important factors which will affect the growth of the plants. Generally, bamboo is not very picky on soil and they can grow well in most soil types no matter it is clay based or well-drained. Bamboo’s root system is located in a shallow location underground, and this decrease the importance of the soil type since water can easily reach their established roots. Although shallow roots enable them to absorb water and nutrients easily, they need some good protection in cold days, and some mulch layers would be the best choice.

Water is another essential part for the growth of the bamboo plants. Once plants, bamboo should achieve adequate water during the first several weeks. You should apply enough water to them to ensure that their roots are soaked in moisture completely. Water can help the plants to establish their root system quickly. Once this job is done, you can decrease the times of watering gradually. Actually, bamboo can tolerate very dry climates for a long time. Bamboo plants can even survive in some household waste water areas. This feature makes it a good tool to clean the waste water beside your house.

Since bamboo roots are located in a shallow place, you need to apply some layers of mulch in cold days as a means of protection. These mulch layers can decrease the loss of moisture and provide some organic matters as nutrients for the plant. They can also suppress the growth of various weeds. The simplest solution for the mulch layer is to cover the fallen leaves on the ground. You can also use some other organic materials as the source of mulching such as hay or straw. The mulching layer will not prevent the new bamboo shoot from emerging from the soil.

Image Provided By Remilo (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 ( or GFDL (], via Wikimedia Commons

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