Baby Tears Ground Cover

Baby Tears Ground Cover

The Baby tears plant is a popular ground cover plant which is used to decorate thousands of gardens. It appears as moss plants and it needs very little maintenance during their growth. It can quickly fill the gaps and spaces between stones and bricks and it also tolerates some level of foot traffic easily. The beautiful white blossoms provide extra beauty for your garden in spring.

Due to its high growth speed and sort of invasive characteristics, you should think thoroughly before planting baby tear plants in your garden. Although its quick growth can discourage the appearance of weeds, it can also affect the growth of other low-growing plants. So, baby tear plant ground cover plants should only be planted in areas with plenty of weeds. Baby tear plants prefer well-drained soil, partial shade and acidic soil as well. Some organic materials can be added into the soil to provide extra nutrients.

The most common way to grow baby tear plants is to grow them from seeds. You can also get some cuttings from another adult plant. If you want to save some time for planting them from the scratch, you can choose some species from the local nurseries. As a moss-like plant, their roots are located in a shallow place underground. You should apply adequate water for them in the first week to ensure their roots are well established. You should keep soil moist at all times, but avoid over-watering the soil. They normally need very little fertilizer and you can even neglect it. Some organic fertilizer can be applied if you want to provide some nutrients for their growth.

Image provided By Wayne Ray [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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