Baby Gem Boxwood

Baby Gem Boxwood

Baby gem boxwood is a common landscaping shrub planted in thousands of garden. They are slow-growing evergreen plants and often cultivated for borders and hedging purposes. They are also used to make bonsai plants. The boxwood shrubs can produce dense foliage and need very little maintenance during its growth. Its exceptionally compact property makes it a great choice for mark the border of your backyard all around the year.

Baby Gem boxwood shrubs need a medium soil to grow happily, ideally having a PH value of 7. You need to do a thorough test on the acidity of the soil before planting any plants. If the test result shows that the soil is bit of acidic, you can put some lime to increase the PH value. On the other hand, for slightly alkaline soil types, you can add sulphur to lower the PH value to your desired value. They can resist a number of undesirable conditions and prefer adequate sunlight to grow well. They like warm climates but some species can also survive in cold weathers.

During the growth of the boxwood plants, you should keep an eye on the possible nutrients deficiency which may affect them, especially for nitrogen. One of the symptoms of the nitrogen deficiency is that the foliage will turn yellow. The ideal time for fertilizing is in autumn when it is about to enter their dormant period. Fertilizing at this period is capable of maintain the health of their roots for the next year. In cold winter days, some mulching will be helpful to preserve the moisture for the roots. Some organic mulch can also help maintain the PH balance of the soil.

Image provided By Tomasz “Nemo5576” G√≥rny (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-2.5 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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