Autumnalis Cherry Tree

Autumnalis Cherry Tree

Autumnalis cherry tree is a great choice for your backyard because its colorful blooming and delicious berries. One of its greatest features is that they can bloom twice in one year, and it can provide a good landscape for your garden. Also, it can tolerate harsh environment such as heat or coldness. It can live longer than most landscaping trees as well. Flowering twice in a year is a great feature for this tree and make it pretty special among all ornamental trees.

The first time it flowers is in winter days. After it drops all golden leaves in autumn, you garden will be enlightened with beautiful flowers. This would be a great view for your backyard since most of other plants are in their dormant periods. The flowers will change their colors from pink to white. It will start flowering with soft pink colors and the blooming will turn into snow white when they are fully grown.

The flowers can grow periodically during autumn and winter days. However, it will show the most beautiful blooming in spring. The leaves will start to grow when the winter ends, and they will be a great partner for the beautiful pink flowers. Most Autumnalis cheery trees will grow up to 8 meters and they like to grow in a location with adequate sunlight and well-drained soil. It is recommended to be planted along with paths and driveways to provide the best landscape. In addition, Autumnalis cherry can resist most tree diseases, plague and insects. It would be a great choice for your yard.

Image Provided By Dave Fergusson [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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