Australian Grass Trees

Australian Grass Trees

Grass trees are very common landscaping plants in Australia. They have been favourite ornamental herbs since a long time ago when the early people found that they are wonderful developed flowering plants in the world. Although they have complex names in botanical dictionaries, they are widely planted in a variety of places in communities, parks, schools and so on.

As a relative to lily family, the grass tree is concluded in another botanical family. They are slow-growing plants and some old species can live for hundreds of years which are one of the most long-living plants in the world. Some species can successively survive from the wild environment and develop in some beautifully styled plants for landscaping. Some natural disasters like wild fire can cause it to branch more forks along with leaves and flowers. The flowers of the grass plants will emerge from the grass can provide food for insects and birds. The black seeds are produced on the florets on the top of the flowering spikes. The special landscaping value of the grass plants make it always be a candidate for different botanic shows.

Although it is an attractive plant for decorating your garden, it is not easy to plant unless you have adequate experience on it. The growth rate of this plant is very slow, and it normally takes several years for the seeds to germinate and it also takes a long time for the plant to grow to a certain height. For transplanted plants, you need to dig deeply to get the roots and stems before transplanting into another place.

Image provided By Paul Asman and Jill Lenoble [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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