Australian Desert Trees

Australian Desert Trees

There are a variety of trees and shrubs which can survive in Australian desert. Most of them can tolerate the harsh desert environments which have extremely hot temperature and drought soil conditions. Most of trees cannot survive in the desert except for some varieties. They usually have robust and deep root system underground which enable them to fetch water from the deep location of the soil.

The Eucalyptus trees are common trees which can be seen in desert areas. They can tolerate harsh conditions well and the existence of them can provide shade and food for animals living in deserts. Actually, there are a variety of Eucalyptus species existing in the world and just some of them can be found in desert. Some examples of them include the coolabah trees and the ghost gum trees. They usually have white barks with green foliage which form a great view inside the desert.

Apart from Eucalyptus, there are some tree species which can be adaptive to the harsh conditions in the desert. As a common landscaping tree, the wattle trees are often seen in the desert environment as well. They have beautiful bunch of blossoms in winter and their seedpods are great food to attract birds or other wild animals. There are more than 500 wattle varieties in the world and they have different sizes and features. The aboriginal people used to use the wattle wood to make furniture and build sheltering buildings.

Image provided By Abhinaba Basu [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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