Australian Acacia Tree

Australian Acacia Tree

Acacia trees are common landscaping trees in all around the world especially in Australia. They fast growing trees which have attractive round yellow blossoms in summer. The beautiful flowers and the seedpods can attract a number of insects and wild animals to your garden. They can tolerate most unpleasant environmental conditions well and they generally need very little maintenance during the growth. Apart for ornamental purposes, some part of the trees can be used as herbal medicine as well.

Generally, there are two ways to plant acacia trees in your garden: from seeds or from cuttings. The cutting will quicken the cultivation and they should be taken in the growing season. The branches taken from the tree should be put in the rooting hormone for generating new roots. The cultivation from seeds will be slower but they have a higher chance of germination than cuttings. The seeds should be put into warm water for a few days before the sowing date. This will facilitate the growth of their roots when planted in the soil.

Acacia trees prefer well-drained soil for growing as well as a location with full sunlight. During the first several weeks, you should apply adequate water for your trees to help them establish their root systems. Avoid leaving soil dry for a long time otherwise the leaves will turn into brown and fall off.

Image provided By Wuhugm (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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