Athena Olive Tree

Athena Olive Tree

As a specimen tree in Greece, the Athena olive tree has been planted by people for thousands of years. It has great economic values for its olive fruits which is edible and used for oil crushing. It can grow up to 30 feet in height and have green oval-shaped leaves. The underside of the leaves have silver colour and it can also bear fragrant white blossom in summer. This tree relies on insects to complete the pollination which is essential for producing the olive fruits. Compared with wild olive species, the cultivated trees can produce large olive fruits and there is no thorn growing on the stem as well. It took thousands of years for people to improve the quality of olives from wild species.

The olive is an important food for homes and restaurants all around the world. The olive oil is considered as one of the best vegetable oils in the world. It contains abundant monosaturated fat which will not enhance the cholesterol level in human body. The wood of the olive tree is a great source for making furniture and other ornamental objects. Some olive trees are also grown for pure landscaping purposes.

To ensure the good harvest in autumn, you need to provide your trees the suitable environment for them to grow. They prefer well-drained soil conditions and adequate sunlight during the day. You need to do some pruning work from time to time, and the watering should also be operated in a suitable frequency. Professional pruning can ensure the good harvest for at least four or five years.

Image provided By Tim [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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