Aspen Poplar Trees

Aspen Poplar Trees

Aspen trees are close relatives of poplar trees which are featured in their special toothed shape of their leaves. They are fast growing trees which have similar appearance as birch trees. The difference between these two tree species is the shape of leaves. Also, aspen trees are slimmer than birch trees and they are not able to resist some extreme drought conditions as birch trees. Most aspen trees cannot live for a long time. However, new trees will sprout out as long as their root system is intact.

Aspen trees are popular trees for multiple usages all around the world. Some common aspen varieties include Quaking Aspen, European Aspen and Big tooth Aspen trees. Quaking Aspen is known for its ever-fluttering foliage along with the winds. The shape of a quaking aspen tree is more like a round shape instead of a triangle one. They are good candidates for planting in cold climates because they are able to tolerate some freezing weathers. In autumn, the foliage colour turn from green to yellow, adding extra values to your autumn garden. However, you should pay attention to the potential hazards caused by their fallen leaves which may block your pipes or sewers.

The European aspen is also a famous tree variety which can be seen may locations all around the world. They have leaves with a serrated edge and special round shape. Their foliage will change colours in autumn as well before falling off from the tree. Like other aspen varieties, their roots can reproduce themselves from the ground easily. Another aspen variety, the Bigtooth Aspen tree, is renowned for the large teeth existing on their leaves, and this is where their name is coming from. They prefer to grow in well-drained soil conditions and their ability of reproduction is also very strong. Each year there are thousands of new trees suckers coming out from the ground in forests damaged from the natural fire. Their leaves can feed many wild animals such as deers and beavers.

Image provided By Tyler Finvold [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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