Ash Tree Uses

Ash Tree Uses

Ash trees are fast-growing trees which can be used for wood industry or landscaping purposes. They can produce high quality timber and wood which are perfect source for making furniture. Ancient people used to use their wood to make various living appliances such as furniture, canoe, agricultural tools etc. Even today, we can still find a lot of traces of ash tree wood in our houses offices.

Furniture making is one of the common usages of ash wood due to their durable property. The high quality timber enables it to be used for nearly all kinds of environment no matter they are indoors or outdoors. Some common examples of their usage include timber floors, benches, cabinets and tables. Also, ash woods are main source of wooden tools and various handles because of its durability. Generally, blue ash wood are used for appliances which need strong and dense quality while white ash wood are generally made for appliances which can resist some strains like flooring.

Another usage of ash trees is the herbal medicine. The bark of ash tree is usually used by herbalist to cure fever symptoms. Their leaves can also be made as herbal medicines for relieving the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis. Sometimes, the grounded dry leaves are often consumed with other herbal substances such as tea. Moreover, their leaves can be used to make salad in kitchen although most people are not familiar with that.

Image provided by David Lally [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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