Ash Tree Bark

Ash Tree Bark

As a common landscaping tree all around the world, sometimes it is not easy to differentiate the ash tree bark from other species like oak trees. Actually, different ash species have different type of barks. For example, some ash barks have diamond-shaped raised ridges while other species do not have. Also, the color of different type of ash trees are not identical either.

Most ash trees have gray barks. The only difference on the barks is the texture of the ridges on the bark. For instance, Biltmore ash trees have deeper and wider ridges than other species. Compared with Biltmore ash, white ash trees have narrow ridges. The bark of Red ash trees have special red color which make it easier to differentiate from other species. Also, the ridges on their bark are shallow with a diamond shape.

Like most ash species, black ash trees also have gray color with some ridges on the bark. The only difference between black ash and other species is that the ridges do not have a diamond shape. Blue ash trees have gray barks with a little bit of red color. Their barks have narrow ridges which will be widen when the trees are fully grown. The internal side of the bark will show blue tint.

Image provided by Anne Burgess [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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