Arabica Coffee Tree Care

Arabica Coffee Tree Care

Arabica coffee is one of the two coffee species in the world and it is famous for its wonderful taste. If you are thinking of planting one Arabica coffee tree in your garden, you need some patience because it may take several months for an Arabica coffee to be mature for the production of coffee beans. Also, it may be affected by many insects and pests during its growth, you need some experience for coffee planting as well.

Arabica coffee trees like to grow in a hot environment with enough moisture. Most of the commercial plantation areas are located in the mountain with more than 3000 feet in elevation. It prefers partial shade but full sunlight is also ok for their growth. If you plant some coffee trees in your own backyard, you should keep an eye of the surrounding temperature to ensure it is above 10 degrees.

If you want to save time for the cultivation, you can plant the new tree using the cuttings instead of the seeds. The recommended diameter of the cutting is less than half of an inch. Before planting the cutting into the soil, you should put it in a container with moist potting mix and put the pot in the partial shade. Remember to change a bigger container when the coffee tree is getting bigger. Some well-drained soil should be used for the plant. You can apply some fertilizer to provide extra nutrients for them. The best time for feeding the plant is in their growth season like spring, and a balanced nutrition recipe such as 15, 15, 15 is advised for Arabica coffee plants. During the growth, you need to do some pruning work from time to time to make it tidy and healthy. You should avoid over-watering your plants especially in cold winter days. You can do the normal watering job in spring before it starts to grow.

Image provided By DXLINH (Own work) [GFDL ( or CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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