Ants On Citrus Trees

Ants On Citrus Trees

Sometimes you may find some ants on your citrus trees. Although there are just a few of them on the trees, this indicates that there are a few of them near your tree. Also, these ants may be relative to other insects as well. So, you should do a thorough check for your citrus trees and nearby places to ensure that there are no pests affecting your trees.

Most ants will be not harmful to your citrus trees. However, they may be feed by honeydews produced by some insects such as whiteflies or aphids. These insects are common pests for citrus trees and may cause severe damage to your tree. These insects will generate some sweet substances which will attract ants to the tree. As a return, ants may protect these insects from their natural enemies to get mutual benefits with these insects.

Due to the facts that these pests might be protected by the ants from their natural predators, these pests may be more harmful than the time without ants. Some ant species are very aggressive and they may be harmful to the tree as well. They may destroy the trunks, leaves or fruits. The generated honeydew which is not consumed by ants may cause mold or fungus. So, the pests, ants, and their produced honeydew substances become a group of factors affecting the health of your citrus trees.

To protect your citrus trees from this composite group of insects, you should go to your local nurseries to find some chemical insecticide which can kill both of them altogether. You should apply these insecticide based on the user manual to ensure that your tree is safe all the time. Also, Insecticidal soap can clean your citrus tree by removing the honeydew generated by pests. Some minor mold areas can also be cleaned using these soaps.

Image provided By Batholith (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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