Alligator Pear Tree

Alligator Pear Tree

If you are not familiar with the name of alligator pear tree, you are definitely know its another popular name, Avocado trees. Originated from Americal countries, this fruit has become more and more popular in all around the world. They are valued by its vegetable healthy fats which will bring benefits for human body. Today, there are a variety of avocado pear trees from grafing. Some of these varieties are very productive and can produce some high-quality avocado fruits.

Most avocado trees can grow more then 50 feet in height. Like other trees, they generally prefer well-drained soil and adequate sunlight to grow happily. For your trees, you should avoid putting them directly under the extensive sunlight to avoid them being sunburned. The grown trees can resist some low temperature and different variety can resist different level of coldness in winter.

You shoul avoid over-watering your trees in summer, and the ideal watering time is when the surface of the soil has totally dried out. When the weather is getting cold, you should decrease the times of watering gradually. You need to apply fertilizers two or three times a year to provide enough nutrients for their growth. You should stop fertilizing your alligator pear trees in winter since they have entered their dormant period.

Image provided By walknboston (originally posted to Flickr as Avocado!) [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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