Allergic Reaction to Tea Tree Oil

Allergic Reaction to Tea Tree Oil

Originated from Australia, the tea tree oil has been used by Australian aboriginal people for hundreds of years to cure skin disorders. Today, this herbal medicine becomes a popular method for people all around the world to treat multiple skin conditions such as acne, warts and athletes’ foot. However, some people have allergic reactions when using it during skin treatment. Different people may have different allergic areas in the body, and you should take some care when using this herbal medicine on your body.

The irritation on skin is one of the most common allergic symptoms many people have. You may feel burning on the infected area and your skin will become dry compared with other areas. In this case, you should reduce the frequency of using it or dilute it to a level which does not cause the above symptoms. When using tea tree oil with other skin remedies, there might be some conflicts which may also cause allergy on your skin. The sad thing is, there are a number of skin herbal medicine containing benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid which will have negative actions with tea tree oil. You should always ask your doctor for help before applying more than two herbal solutions on your skin.

Many people may think that the tea tree oil is edible. This is totally wrong and you should avoid taking any of them at all times. Tea tree oil is not suitable for ingestion and they can cause some mental issues when taken overdose. There is a risk of getting rash on your body if you use a large amount of them on your skin. You should strictly follow the dosage requirement printed on the bottle and should not use overdose.

Image provided By Stephanie (strph) from Oklahoma City, USA (Flickr) [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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